Daxman Timothy Butler

The Story of Daxmas

On December 26th, 1917, the first Daxmas was celebrated by an accountant named Mr. Timothy Butler in Middlesex, England. Mr. Butler was listening to his friend and esteemed business colleague, Sir Tony London, explain in detail how he'd received many gifts for Christmas that he was very unpleased with. In hoping to liven the spirits of the disappointed Sir London, Mr. Butler offered to buy the unwanted presents for a fee of 20%. After Sir London accepted, the two went to a local pub to celebrate with a pint of ale. When telling the others at the pub about this holiday transaction, Mr. Butler quickly found many new customers. Before the night was over, the news of the "day after Xmas man" spread throughout the English country side. Soon, Mr. Butler would be known to friends, family and others as the Daxman.

By 1922, the town of Middlesex, England, officially starting celebrating Daxmas which was a shortened word for day after Christmas. The Daxman, Timothy Butler, would remain the master of ceremony for the Daxmas celebration until his passing in 1958. Daxmas has since become an obscure holiday celebrated in various cities throughout the world. It is thought that those who either moved away from Middlesex or had participated in a celebration took the tradition with them. Other cities that celebrate Daxmas nominate their own Daxman which often creates a full time business operation. In recent years, Daxmas activities have spread to the internet and online shopping and is commonly referred to as #DAXMAS through social media.

Known cities that celebrate Daxmas include Climax, Michigan, Texarkana, Arkansas, Cocksackie, New York, South Bend, Indiana, Middlesex, England, Brussels, Belgium, Warsaw, Poland, Budapest, Hungary and many others.

Here is a photo of Mr Timothy Butler from the official inaugural Daxmas celebration in Middlesex, England in 1922.

Daxmas Traditions

Modern Day Daxmas Traditions

Take one part creme brule, a pinch of business casual attire and a dash of fiscal responsibility - mix it all together and what do you get? DAXMAS! While the sights, sounds and smells of Daxmas may have evolved over time to reflect the different cultures that celebrate this hallowed holiday, some of the elements that make up a traditional Daxmas celebration can be found in homes around the globe.

Despite the differences in cultures and customs that exist between those who partake in Daxmas festivities, there are certain Daxmas traditions that transcend these cultural barriers. It wouldn't be a Daxmas celebration without the ever-popular review of the fair-market value of your presents. Other popular Daxmas activities include; checking your credit score, miscellaneous paperwork, and dressage (horse dancing). The music of Yanni and John Tesh often accompany these activities, to the delight of Daxmas revelers everywhere.

It wouldn't be a Daxmas celebration without the traditional Daxmas feast. Creme Brulee is generally served as the main course. A proper Daxmas feast can include such delectable delights as Dipping Dots (The Ice-Cream of the Future), Candy Cigarettes, 5-Hour Energy Shots and blanched greens.

Proper Daxmas attire is business casual, with shirts remaining tucked in at all times. Short-sleeve turtle-necks are often worn among the more liberal Daxmas participants. Slacks should be pleated and heavily starched. For the ladies, ankle length skirts are preferred but skirts and dresses may worn up to two inches below the knee.

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